Most people use an app on their phone for MFA and password recovery, however, a hardware key is a good alternative or backup method.  Hardware keys are also a very secure method, and can be used for both your MSOE account and other personal accounts as needed.  A hardware key can't be setup as your default MFA method.  Learn more about MFA methods.

Recommended Hardware Keys 

These Yubikey devices have been tested and are recommended for use at MSOE.   They can be purchased at Amazon,, etc.

Security Key C NFC by Yubico

Cost: $29
Interface: USB C
Benefits: lowest cost, works for MSOE sign-on and most personal accounts, details at

Yubikey 5C Nano

Cost: $60
Interface: USB C
Benefits: low profile, works for MSOE sign-on and personal accounts and includes advanced security features, details at

Enroll Hardware Keys

Navigate to the account portal:
a. Go to and login with your existing username and password.

b. Click Add method. (this security info will be
used for both multifactor authentication and password recovery)

c. Select “Security Key” from the drop-down menu
d. Make sure your key is plugged into your computer

e. Select the type of key you have

f. Set up your key

g. Set a pin code to protect your key

h. Name your key

i. Complete setup

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