WiFi Networks Available

These WiFi networks are available across campus in all buildings and outdoor spaces.

WiFi Network Used For Access Provided Notes
MSOEcert Used by the Windows computers that are managed by MSOE IT and provided to students, faculty, and staff. The connection to this network is made by default and is automatic without using any password. MSOE network resources and Internet Network traffic is encrypted.
MSOE For use on personal devices. Requires login with your MSOE account. Supports mobile devices with iOS and Android, as well as Linux, and MacOS. MSOE network resources and Internet When your MSOE password expires or is reset, you will need to re-enter your password on this network to avoid account lockouts. Network traffic is encrypted.
MSOE-Guest For use by visitors to the MSOE campus.  
Internet only.
No password required. Open browser to agree to usage terms.  Re-prompted every 12 hours.  Bandwidth is limited, however sufficient for most all needs including high-quality video streaming.

Some dorm residents have different WiFi configurations, please see bottom of this article for links.

MSOE-Guest WiFi Network Changes 6/27/2022

We have made changes to the guest wifi network to improve security and ensure performance by conserving bandwidth.  Our campus welcomes many visitors throughout the year, and the MSOE campus is in a busy downtown area where our WiFi signal reaches many neighboring buildings.

There are two major changes to be aware of:

  • Each time a person connects to MSOE-Guest, they will be prompted to approve the connection. No password is required.
  • The MSOE-Guest network only provides access to the Internet, it does NOT provide access to any campus resources.

Q: Why do I have to approve the connection every day?

A: This network is intended for people that are visiting campus, and the prompts are to prevent misuse.  If you are on campus daily, we recommend using the MSOE network.  

Q: What services are available from MSOE-Guest?

A: Any Internet resources will be available, including MSOE email.  You will NOT be able to access on-campus resources such as printers, file servers, Jenzabar, etc.  If such access is needed, connect to the "MSOE" wifi network.

Connect to "MSOE-Guest" WiFi Network

  1. Your device should see the MSOE-Guest network when on campus.  Connect to this network.
  2. Review and approve the terms on the window that appears.  If you don't see this screen, open any browser (Edge/Firefox/Chrome/Safari) and attempt to open a site and you should see the approval page first.

Connect to "MSOE" WiFi Network

Note: For devices provided and managed by MSOE IT, we recommend using "MSOEcert" instead of the "MSOE" wifi network.

Note: For personal devices, Helpdesk is not able to provide user support to explain how to connect personal devices such as smartphones and smartwatches to the WiFi network. 

Note: Account Lockouts - beware that when you change your MSOE password, you will need to update your password on every device that connects to the "MSOE" wifi network.  Forgetting to update the password is a frequent cause of account lockouts and the device will continue to try to login with your old password.  We recommend keeping track of any devices on which you use "MSOE" wifi network.

After selecting the "MSOE" network, you will be prompted to enter your MSOE username and password.  Enter just your username, do NOT include "@msoe.edu".

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