Viets Tower is the first building on campus that will provide wifi access in dorm rooms.  This will provide students with a robust high-quality network for both academic and recreational use.  Setup is easy, just join the wifi network specific to your room and use your password found on myMSOE.

For residents of Viets Tower, room WiFi is provided by MSOE and personal WiFi routers should NOT be used.



Use in-room Wifi for most devices. Students should bring network cable, if wired connection desired, for wall jack. Students should NOT bring home wifi router. Each room has its own wifi access point and provides equivalent capabilities of a wifi router.
Room wifi password should be changed when room occupants change. Don’t share room password with untrusted guests.
Do bring any game consoles, TV media players, and other home devices that require communication on the same subnet within the room.  Room wifi and the wall network jacks are on the same network. Don’t expect peer-to-peer communication with network devices in other dorm rooms in Viets Tower or other dorm buildings.

Don’t tamper with wall-mounted access point. No configuration needed.

Where to find your room WiFi password

Login to and navigate to Students > Viets Tower Residents.  You will see your room Wifi password listed. 

This password is only used to login to your dorm room network.  Other MSOE Wifi networks use your MSOE account credentials.

Connect to Wifi from your MSOE laptop

By-default, your MSOE laptop automatically connects to the "MSOEcert" Wifi network.  This will work in your dorm room as well.  So as you move from classes to your dorm, the Wifi connection is seamless.

However, if you want to connect your MSOE laptop to your dorm Wifi network, follow the instructions below.  In general, use MSOEcert when you need campus resources, and use your dorm Wifi network when you need to access devices in your room.

Connect to Room Wifi

From the dorm room, you will be able to see a Wifi network in the format VTOW-Res000 where 000 is your room number.  Connect to that network with your room Wifi password.

WiFi Networks Available:

Only within your room
Room network that provides Internet access, and communication between devices on the room network.  Use GlobalProtect VPN or connect to MSOEcert for campus resources.
Entire Viets Tower
Only MSOE laptops can connect to this network.  Has access to campus resources.
Common spaces within Viets Tower
Intended for guests in common spaces to provide Internet access.


What about legacy 2.4 GHz devices?

Most modern devices use 5 GHz Wifi signal.  If you have an old game console or older device that requires 2.4 GHz wifi, please use a ethernet cable to connect to the wall network jacks on the side of the room.  Room wifi is only 5GHz to support higher speeds and the dense environment found in a dorm.

What if I need more network jacks?

Rooms have a pair of network jacks on each side of the room.  If you need more, please do NOT use a wifi router.  Wifi routers are not allowed as they will interfere with building wifi. Instead, use a network switch which is inexpensive and requires no configuration.  Here are several recommended switches easily found at online and local retailers:

  • Netgear 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (Model: GS105)
  • Linksys 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (Model: SE3005)

These two models or an equivalent can be found at various retailers.  Options nearby campus would be the MSOE Bookstore and Milwaukee PC.

What type of network cable is recommended?

Any "Cat6 Ethernet Cable".