Alumni accounts, which end in and are provided by Google, are being discontinued July 1st, 2022. This document provides answers to common technical issues relating to discontinuing these accounts.

Action Required:

Since the information associated with your will be deleted, and you will no longer have access to this account, we recommend you consider the following items.  This must be complete by July 1st, 2022.

  • Please make sure any online services (such as Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, etc) that use your email account are changed to a different email address.

  • If you use as a secondary email address, such as for password recovery, make sure to update to a different email address.

  • Check for any important emails in your GMail and transfer that content.

  • Check for any important files in your Google Drive and transfer that content.

  • Be aware if you forward email to another account, the forward will no longer work.


I forgot my password, how do I login?

First, please attempt to recover your password at .  If you are still having issues, please email with a detailed description of your problem.

How do I move content in my Google Drive to another location?

Download files from Google Drive using instructions found at

I'm graduating soon.  Since I won't have an email account, what process do I use for migrating my email?

Please see

How do I move emails in my gmail account to another service?
Note: The easiest way to move important emails is to forward individual emails to another email address.  

 POP3 Method

  1. Add your account as a secondary account in either personal Gmail or personal, etc

    step 1 instructions for Outlook web
    step 1 instructions for Outlook Windows
    step 1 instructions for Gmail (You may need to first create an app password, following the instructions here:
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  2. While in your personal Gmail or personal account, copy content from folders to your personal folders
  3. Remove your account you added in Step 1 from your personal email account

Google Takeout

Google Takeout is a service used to copy everything from one Google Drive and Gmail account to move to another service or save on your own system.

First go to and make sure you’re logged into the account you’d like to transfer items from

You’ll see something similar to this. 

Scroll through your list of Data to deselect anything you do not wish to move (by default all data is selected and moved). When you have made your final selections select “NEXT” at the bottom of the page.

Next you will be asked how you want your information sent. Your options are in a  .zip file which can be opened and easily extracted on almost any computer, or a .tgz file which may require additional information and software. We recommend using the .zip file option. 

Archive size(max) this will choose how big of a file size you want sent, if your total archive file size is 10 GB but you don’t want file sizes bigger than 2GB you will get 5 separate download files at a size no bigger than 2GB. We suggest leaving it set to the default setting. If you’re file size is bigger than the default size, you will be sent everything in more than one file.

You will be asked to choose a delivery method. There are a few different options: send download link via email, add to google drive, add to dropbox, add to OneDrive. Send download link via email is probably the easiest option. Make sure you are doing this on a personal computer and not a publicly used computer. Using this method, a link will be emailed to the account you specify and you will be able to download the files from that link. After your link is sent, you will have 1 week to retrieve your files. 

When you have made all your selections, click “CREATE ARCHIVE”

After this you will be taken to a progress screen where your files will prepare to be zipped. 

When the process is finished, it’ll transition to this screen  

REMEMBER: When ready to download use a personal or home computer, not a public computer

If you look in your inbox you’ll see an email from “Google Download Your Data” with the subject “Your Google data archive is ready”

Your email from Google will look similar to this. 

REMEMBER: You have One week from the time you were given the Download archive link to download your files. 

After you have downloaded your files you can extract your data and move it to whatever service you wish to use.  You will need a third party email client like Thunderbird to import your .mbox file containing your email.