Login into laptop

If you are unable to login to your laptop due to the account being locked there is a workaround.

  1. Click once to enter the screen where you can type in your password
  2. Look for the WiFi symbol in the bottom right of the screen
  3. Either turn off the WiFi or disconnect from the currently connected network

You will now be able to sign into your laptop only. Passwords are saved locally such that an internet connection is not required to sign into your laptop. This will not fix an account lock issue and should only be used to assist in the next part of troubleshooting. 

Note: Your laptop may use the older password before the reset, this is because laptops "lag" behind on updating the password until you come to campus or connect to the vpn.

Cause and Solution

If your account is constantly locking out when coming onto campus or in general after a password reset, it means that a device is attempting to connect very rapidly from an incorrect password. This could be a laptop with the wrong email password, a phone with the wrong wifi password for MSOE wifi, or an unused device with the wrong MSOE password on it. The following are the most common culprits of causing repeated account locking issues.

  • Forget password on phone WiFi
  • Make sure outlook and Office 365 apps have correct password
    • Once you reset your password Outlook and other Office 365 applications will ask for a new password. This will be on both laptop and mobile device. Make sure all these applications have the newest password otherwise they may repeatedly attempt to use the wrong password.
  • Look for any devices or services that may have an outdated password on it. This could include tablets, external calendars, or a personal laptop.

If you are still experiencing problems please make a ticket at helpdesk@msoe.edu and we can look further into the issue for you. We cannot provide assistance until these prerequisites have been checked.