Getting Started: 

Cisco WebEx is a product for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, and webinars. While many of these needs are handled by Microsoft Teams, there are some users who prefer Webex and some uses where Webex is the better choice.

This document contains instructions on scheduling WebEx meeting from both Outlook and the web portal.

Scheduling a WebEx Meeting from Outlook

If WebEx add-in is not installed:

Under the “Home” tab in Outlook, click “Get Add-ins”.

Type “Webex” in the search bar, then select “Cisco WebEx Meetings Scheduler”. Click “Add”

Scheduling a WebEx meeting with Outlook add-in:

In the “Home” tab, select “New Items” dropdown and select “Meeting.”

A window to create a new Outlook Calendar meeting will appear. Select “Add Webex meeting”

If this is your first time using this, you will have to sign in to Webex. Clicking “Get started” and entering your MSOE email will redirect to a single sign on page.  Once signed in, clicking the Add WebEx meeting will simply add WebEx meeting details to the Outlook meeting. For example:

Scheduling a WebEx Meeting from website

Navigate to Click “Sign In” in the top right.

Enter your MSOE email address in the box below. You will be redirected to a Single Sign On page.

Once logged in, select “Meetings” from the menu on the left side of the website:

Click the “Schedule” button.


After clicking “Schedule”, a scheduling window will pop up.

There are several options available. Under the “Meeting Templates” dropdown, selecting “Schedule Internal Meeting” will not allow guest users to join the meeting, and selecting “Schedule External Meeting” will.

For “Meeting type”, check out the information available here if needed:

Enter the name of the meeting in the “Meeting topic” and set the proper date and time of the meeting. Invite attendees as desired.