Due to an unprecedented volume of requests, some Help Desk tickets may experience delays in response or resolution. We are prioritizing tickets based on urgency and their impact upon classroom support or broad-based campus issues.


Please be aware we will respond to your ticket as soon as possible and submitting multiple tickets only increase the number of tickets we must look through. If you are wondering about the status of your ticket, you can log on to the Help Desk portal at any time to review it by visiting http://helpdesk.msoe.edu/ and using your MSOE credentials to log in. You can also use the portal to browse through our Solutions catalog to see if there is an existing answer to the issue you are experiencing.


As a reminder, we are now offering support in three ways:


Help Desk Window Availability:

Help Desk Windows are available by appointment only.  As part of the Raider Return Plan, IT will no longer accept drop in visits to the Help Desk.  The Help Desk Windows are still available for use by booking assistance at https://it.bookings.msoe.edu.  Available dates and times will display for you to choose from.  These visits will be limited to 10 minutes of time to allow for a sanitation process between each visit.  You will receive and email confirmation of your date and time as well as the Window number you are assigned.  Please arrive on time to avoid creating a line.


Phone Support:

When you call the Help Desk at 414-277-7288 you will be greeted by a new automatic answering system that will provide any urgent notifications and will route our call based on the type of issue.


Remote Support Option:

Open an IT Help Desk ticket by calling or emailing helpdesk@msoe.edu. The agent who works on your ticket will initiate a remote support session if one is necessary. Documentation on BOMGAR can be found at https://helpdesk.msoe.edu/a/solutions/articles/1000048145.