Welcome to MSOE IT!
HR will provide you with your ID number. This is the key piece of information we will be using for this introduction. When the HR paperwork is complete, your MSOE account is automatically generated by Microsoft Identity Manager
Outlook Email is the official communication tool for the University.  Access to Outlook Email will require that MFA be set up first and MFA requires your username and password. 

My.msoe.edu (http://my.msoe.edu/)
This is the main portal for staff, faculty, and students.  Log in with the information learned from username.msoe.edu.  There are links to all MSOE resources, Canvas, webmailHR information, etc. available in the my.msoe.edu portal. Bookmark this page. 

This document and others can be found at https://helpdesk.msoe.edu/no log on required.  Please visit https://helpdesk.msoe.edu/ to Browse Solutions to common problems.  Stay up to date with the Announcements section at helpdesk.msoe.edu.

Find your username and password using the information provided by HR.  Visit my.msoe.edu for information about Multi Factor Authentication.  MFA is often the first IT issue faced by new faculty.  The Help Desk is available for guidance and advice.  This is an important Identity Management step and the Help Desk is limited until this step is set up.   After MFA is set up successfully, log into your Outlook Email that is linked at my.msoe.edu.

Celebrate this success!  Confidence in the security of your MSOE username and password is a tremendous thing.  Access to my.msoe.edu opens up the cumulative knowledge of the University. Stay up to date and connected with your MSOE email.

Do you have a smart phone with the Microsoft Authenticator installed?  Consider installing the Outlook App as well as the Teams App, both from Microsoft.  Both can provide urgent access as well as a great backup to your provided tools as well as a little more peace of mind.