Remote Support

 "A picture is worth a thousand words"

Remote support allows the IT Help Desk to view your screen and make changes on your computer to fix problems.  This is useful when it is difficult to describe your problem, or when you need hands-on support.  

Remote support can be provided when you are on-campus or off-campus.  

Bomgar, made by BeyondTrust, is the industry-leading tool used by MSOE IT Help Desk to provide remote support.

Requesting Remote Support

  • Contact Help Desk as normal, through email or phone.  
  • Help Desk staff will determine when it is appropriate to start remote support and will provide information to connect.

Preparing for Remote Support

  • Save any important documents that are open.
  • Close all applications that are unrelated to your problem.  Help Desk staff may need to reboot your computer or close all applications to make changes.
  • Close any private information that shouldn't be shared on the screen.
  • A working Internet connection is required.


Remote support is available during normal Help Desk hours.   If you attempt to start a remote support session outside of Help Desk hours, you will get a message that no representatives are available.


  • Remote support sessions can only be started by you - either through clicking the link or entering the session key.  
  • You can end a remote support session at any time.
    During an active remote support session, you will notice the icon on the top-right of your screen:

    Click "Stop Sharing" from the chat window to end remote support:
  • A log of your support chat is kept with the support ticket.


  • Don't trust a random request to view your screen.  Screen sharing tools can be used by scammers to compromise your computer.
  • If MSOE Help Desk is contacting you to perform remote support, it will be in response to a specific request you have made.  Look for the communication to come through normal channels, such as a ticket, with details specific to your request.
  • If you are unsure if it is safe to continue with a remote support session, call the MSOE Help Desk to confirm legitimacy.
  • Help Desk will never ask for your password.

Updated: 8/12/2020