Make sure you are connected to the MSOE wifi or VPN (not MSOE-Guest) or are hardwired in on campus.

Mounting Network Drives in Linux

First install the “samba” package. Run the following commands in the terminal for your distribution.

Ubuntu/Debian based:

sudo apt install samba

RHEL/Fedora based

sudo dnf install samba

Arch Linux based:

sudo pacman -S samba

Solus Linux:

sudo eopkg install samba

Open a GUI file manager:

While the exact instructions will vary depending on the file manager you are using, on Dolphin (file manager for the KDE Plasma desktop) the instructions are as follows (will be very similar for most others):

There should be a tab in the “Places” section called “Network.” Click on it and you should see an option for “Samba shares” or “Windows shares” or something similar. Click on it and enter one of the following depending on the drive you want to mount (the "smb:" might be auto filled in):

smb://” For the O: Drive

“smb://” For the M: Drive

“smb://$/username” For the H: Drive

You will be asked for login credentials. Enter AD\username (replacing username with your MSOE username) and use your MSOE password. The drive should be mounted now.

Reviewed: 8/12/2019