Stapling and Hole Punch on Follow You Printing


Many MSOE printers connected to Follow You Printing have the capability to staple the documents that they are printing, as well as hole punch.


To add finishing for a particular document

Choose Print from your application of choice and select Follow You Printing.

Select Printer Properties (from MS Word), Properties from Adobe Acrobat, or Print using system dialog and then Preferences from a browser.

From within the Printing Preferences/Properties go to the Finish tab and check the Staple box and select where you would like to staple from the drop-down and/or check the Punch box and choose the number of holes. 

Hit OK, then print. 

To have documents automatically stapled

Open the Control Panel. Select Hardware and Sound>View Devices and Printers.

Right-click on Follow You Printing. Select Printing Preferences.

On the My Tab tab, check the staple box. Hit Apply, then OK.

This will default to staple any jobs with more than 1 page.

Updated: 1/4/2019

Reviewed:  8/12/2019