Getting Started: MATLAB for Desktop

Milwaukee School of Engineering offers campus-wide access to MATLAB, Simulink, and companion products.  All faculty, researchers, and students are eligible to download and install these products on their university computers as well as their personally-owned computers.  The number of installs is unlimited, and the software can now be used without the Global Protect VPN. Please follow the steps bellow to get started.

Supported Platforms:

  • Windows 10, 11
  • macOS (10.15.17 and newer)
  • Linux

Getting a License

1) Visit the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s MATLAB Portal

2) Click Sign in to get started

3) Login with your MOSE email address and password.

4) You will be asked to create a MathWorks Account.  Once you do that, you will be associated to our MATLAB license and will be able to download software.

  • You must use your MSOE email address to create your MathWorks account.
  • The password you choose for your MathWorks account will be independent from your MSOE password.
  • If you ever need to reset your MathWorks password, please go click ‘forgot password’ on the login page.

5) The details for your account will be emailed to your MSOE email address. You may now login to your MathWorks account here. 


Installing MATLAB

1) Please login to your MathWorks account

2) In the ‘My Software’ section of your profile page please click the download arrow.

  • If you don’t have a license number associated with your account, please contact the MSOE helpdesk for assistance.

3) Please select your version and platform. The installer will then be downloaded.

  • Users requiring 32bit support will have select versions older than 2015b

4) Run the installer

  • The install process is different depending on platform
  • For Linux and Mac users please review the installation documentation included with the installation files

5) Enter your email and password for MathWorks when prompted

6.  Agree to the terms and license agreement

  • This software is for non-commercial academic use only

7. Select academic license and click Next

  • If you receive an error during license section about license verification, please follow the hyperlink in the error box to finish associating the license.

8. Confirm your name, email, and username and click Next

9. Click Next to set install location, and select products that you wish to install.

  • The suggested defaults are recommended. Please contact your instructor from more information on toolbox requirements for your specific course.
  • Toolboxes may be added at any time by rerunning this installer and selecting more toolboxes to be added to your installation.

10. Click Next again and finally install to begin installing your productsAtypical installation will require around 3-4GBto be downloaded.

  • Total installation time will be 20-90 minutes depending on hardware.

Activating MATLAB

Once MATLAB has finished installing please follow the steps bellow to activate your products.

1. Open MATLAB

2. In Windows, Navigate to Help Menu (Click down arrow button) and select Licensing

3. Click on Activate Software

4.) Select Activate automatically using the internet and click Next

5. Enter your MathWorks account information and click Next

6. Select your license and click Next

7. Only onuser can use MATLAB on a machine. Any other user will be asked to activate it with their own MathWorks account


8. Click Confirm and MATLAB will now be activated.

  • You may use MATLAB on your computer even without being on campus or connected to the VPN.

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