Installing MSOE Printers on Ubuntu Linux 17.04


Installing MSOE printers on Linux is a somewhat more involved process, but still easily done.


Ensure the laptop is connected to the MSOE network. Launch the Printers settings application from the apps menu. Click on the Add button. Under Devices, select Network Printer, and then Windows Printer via SAMBA. In the smb:// field, type printers.ad.msoe.edu/. Click on the Browse button, and when prompted input the following information:

Username: This is any valid MSOE username
Domain: ad
Password: This is the password for the username

Select the printer that is to be installed. Click on the OK button, and then on the Forward button. If prompted to install python-smb or smbclient, install them. Select PCL 6 and click on the Forward button. Give the printer a name and description, and click on the Apply button. The printer should now be installed and ready for use.

Updated: 2/21/2018
Reviewed:  8/12/2019