National Instruments Software - Activation Guide


National Instruments software, such as Multisim and Labview, need to be activated after installation in order to use for longer than the trial period.


Launch the software to be activated. Click the Activate Product buttons. In the activation wizard that opens, check Automatically Activate Through a Secure Internet Connection and click the Next >> button.

In the window that asks for product keys, the keys are the following:

Multisim - M71X71787

Labview - J12X94180

In the window that asks to log in to a NI User Account, click on Create a New Account. This will open a page in the internet browser for a form to fill out to create an account. The Role is student and the email address should be your MSOE email address. The password you create is specific to National Instruments and is not your MSOE account password.  Use the forgot password link when having password issues with your National Instruments account.  After creating the account, return to the activation wizard and use the login information to activate the software.

Updated: 10/25/2021