Recovering Missing or Deleted Files on a Network Drive


The MSOE M: and O: drives support a feature called shadow volume copy. This feature grants any user connected to the network drive the ability to recover any deleted files within a short time period of its deletion.


Navigate to the folder where the file originally was. Right click on empty space in the folder and click on the Properties button. In the window that opens, open the Previous Versions tab.

In this tab will be displayed any backups available. Select one of the backup times and press the Open button. DO NOT press the Restore button; this overwrites all current files in the directory with old versions. After pressing the Open button, a window will open displaying all files in the backup. Select individual files to copy over to the laptop or network drive.

The H: drive does not support shadow volume copy. Instead, any files deleted off of this drive will be moved to a Recycle Bin folder in the top level of the drive directory. The files will remain for three days before being permanently deleted.

Updated: 2/21/2018

Reviewed: 8/12/2019