Resetting Voicemail Passwords


While voicemail passwords do not expire, they can still be changed in the case that the password is forgotten.


If user knows current voicemail pin, it can be reset from the phone. 

1. First, access voicemail using old pin.

2. Then, press 4 for Setup Options > Press 3 for Preferences > Press 1 for Change Pin.

Note, pin must be 6 digits long, can't have repeating digits, and can't be an incrementing or decrementing series of numbers.

If user does not know current voicemail pin, have them visit https://ciscovoicemail.msoe.edu and log in with their MSOE username and password.  Click advanced and the Accept the Risk and Continue.  The Messaging Assistant has a Password tab across the top that will allow you to set a new PIN.  If this fails, the Help Desk Coordinator can reset the PIN to the default.  User should change pin after reset.

Updated: 12/19/2019

Reviewed: 12/19/2019

Updated 1/8/2020