ChemDraw v20 - Installation Guide


ChemDraw is not hosted on Software Center, and so needs additional steps in order to install.


1). Head over to http://sitesubscription.cambridgesoft.com/ and find MSOE in the list of Universities.
2). Click the registration link to make an account to access the software.
3). Fill out the account registration form. 
4). A confirmation email will be sent for your account. Please click the confirmation link and set a password.
5). Once a password has been set you can login here https://perkinelmer.flexnetoperations.com/control/prkl/login
6). Follow the instructions on the site to download the Chemdraw Prime 20 application and get your activation code.
  • The activation key is located in the order history section of the chemdraw website, click the order number highlighted between and you will get a serial key. 

7). During the installation you will be asked to provide the activation code from the website.

Please contact the helpdesk at (414)277-7288 or helpdesk@msoe.edu if you have any issues.

Updated: 11/20/2020