Installing Follow You Printing, MSOE Plotting, and any other Campus Network Printers


MSOE has many network printers on campus, including the ubiquitous Follow You Printing, that can easily be installed and printed to. This printers are available via the two printer servers printers.ad.msoe.edu and officeprinters.ad.msoe.edu


Ensure the laptop is connected to the MSOE network. (MSOE or MSOEcert, not MSOE-Guest)
Open the Start menu, type Run and press the Enter key. 

Type \\printers.ad.msoe.edu into the run prompt (if you wish to install follow you printing) and press the Enter key. If you wish to install a department or office printer you will need to enter \\officeprinters.ad.msoe.edu into the run prompt. 

A window will open listing all of the network printers available. Double click on the desired printer in order to install it. MSOE-Plotting is the poster printing device for students, and MSOE-Plotting-Faculty-Staff is for faculty and staff. 

If a window pops up asking for a login, type your username in as AD\username and then your MSOE password.

* Please note you must be on the MSOE or MSOEcert wifi networks to print not MSOE-Guest

Updated: 9/9/2020