Wireless Settings and Information



Manual Settings for Android, Unix, and other systems


Encryption: WPA2-Enterprise (PEAP/MSCHAPv2)

Encryption Type: AES

Username: domain_username (do not include "@msoe.edu")

Password: domain_password

Trusted Auth Servers: radius1.msoe.edu, radius2.msoe.edu

IPv6: Disabled

2.4ghz Radio: Enabled on centrally located access points on each floor of each building, and all access points in CC Great Room

5.0ghz Radio: Enabled on all access points

MSOE Wireless is provided for MSOE Students, Staff, and Faculty to connect to the MSOE network with MSOE laptops running Windows 7 and Windows 10. The settings details provided above should be enough information to join additional operating systems to wireless with MSOE domain credentials. At this time, the Helpdesk does not support BYOD or operating systems other than the custom Win 7 and Win 10 images provided by IT.

Windows 10 laptops provided by MSOE, that are members of the MSOE domain, will automatically try to join join the SSID "MSOEcert" with an encrypted local certificate. This will automatically authenticate the laptop to the the SSID, irrespective of the credentials. The certificate will renew in intervals as long as the laptop connects to MSOEcert periodically.

Adjusted 2.4ghz Radios

In some areas of the campus, we have reduced the number of access points broadcasting 2.4ghz wavelengths. The overlap of these access points, and the outside interference of this very commonly encountered frequency was causing channel interference . The interference on the 3 usable channels caused connections to the APs to be unreliable. Devices that were capable of 5.0ghz, including the MSOE laptops deployed over the last six years, were defaulting to 2.5ghz even when 5.0ghz was available. This caused users to experience a slower and less reliable network. To ensure that your devices connected to wireless at the best speeds, with the least amount of interference, and the lowest possibility of channel hopping, we disabled select 2.4ghz radios. 

In those areas where 2.4ghz is still required, we increased the power of a single 2.4ghz radio on that floor, locked it to a single channel, and disabled overlapping 2.4ghz radios.

Updated: 3/2/2018